Dr. Bridín CarrollPostdoctoral Researcher

Contact Details

Room 2016
Top Floor
Irish Centre for Social Gerontology
Institute for Lifecourse & Society
Upper Newcastle Road
NUI Galway

Phone: 091-492934


Brídín has been a post-doctoral researcher at the Irish Centre of Social Gerontology (ICSG) at NUI Galway, Ireland since 2019. She completed her PhD in 2013 in the discipline of Geography at NUI Galway. Following short roles in the University of Birmingham, and the National Economic and Social Council, Brídín undertook a three-year post-doctoral researcher role in University College Dublin. There, she worked on the FP7 TRANSMANGO study (2015-2018) which examined the vulnerabilities and strengths of the European food system. In 2018, Brídín worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative, a research initiative based in Ireland’s Department of Health. This marked a pivoting of her research interests in marginalised populations away from food poverty to the health and well-being of older people. This led to her current role as a post-doctoral researcher in ICSG, working on the Older Traveller Older Homeless study.


Research Interests


Social exclusion and inequalities; migration and ageing; place and community; sustainability



Older Traveller Older Homeless Study – https://icsg.ie/our-projects/otoh


Selected & Recent Publications

Cush, P., Walsh, K., Carroll, B., O’Donovan, D., Keogh, S., Scharf, T., MacFarlane, A. and O’Shea, E., Positive health among older traveller and older homeless adults: A scoping review of life‐course and structural determinants. Health & Social Care in the Community.

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Gibney, S., Zhang, M., Ward, M., McGlinchey, E., Taaffe, C., Maguire, T., Carroll, B., Shannon, S., Brennan, C. and O’Callaghan, D. (2018) Developing Indicators of Positive Ageing for Irish Travellers. Dublin: Department of Health.

Isakjee, A. and Carroll, B., 2019. Blood, body and belonging: the geographies of halal food consumption in the UK. Social & Cultural Geography, pp.1-22.

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