Our Aim & Mission

With a view to informing a holistic understanding of later life in public policy, the ICSG conducts research on ageing and the life course that responds to gaps in scientific knowledge, policy and practice, while promoting the diversity of ageing experiences.

The work of the ICSG is particularly focused on supporting the voice of marginalised groups of the older population, and integrating these perspectives into research and public policy design and development.


Our Projects

To learn more about some of the ICSG’s research projects, please click the link below.

Hosted European & International Networks

The ICSG hosts and Chairs two European COST Actions which are innovative research and networking platforms funded by the COST Association.

ROSEnet CA15122

Reducing Old-Age Social Exclusion: Collaborations in Research and Policy.


GenderEWL IS1409

Gender and health impacts of policies extending working life in western countries.


News & Events

ICSG’s New book on Social Exclusion

Drawing on interdisciplinary, cross-national perspectives, this open access book contributes to the development of a coherent scientific discourse on social exclusion of older people. The book considers five domains of exclusion (services; economic; social relations; civic and socio-cultural; and community and spatial domains), with three [...]

Strategic relationships

Institute for Lifecourse & Society
ICSG and the Institute for Lifecourse & Society

ILAS is a designated research institute for the applied social sciences at NUI Galway which is committed to enabling and supporting critical transitions across people’s lives. Given that the work of the ICSG embraces a life-course perspective our links with ILAS and constituent partners is fundamental to our strategic development.