Programme Overview

The Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG) has developed a Strategic Development and Evaluation programme. Building on our extensive experience in this field and with a view to supporting sustainable innovation within related sectors, the aim of the programme is:

To provide a research-directed platform to inform the strategic development and evaluation of services, policies, national programmes and community projects related to ageing and the life course.

Services provided: 

  • Desk-based and primary field research to inform the design, development and implementation of programmes;
  • Support for strategic programme development and review;
  • Establishment of evaluation systems and protocols;
  • Review of  programme specific state-of-the-art knowledge and research evidence;
  • Evaluations focused on processes, outcomes, and impacts and those of a formative and summative nature.

Methods and areas of expertise:

Desk-based scoping and systematic reviews; survey design and administration and structured interviewing; secondary data analysis; semi-structured and in-depth interviewing; focus group discussions and group facilitation; participatory methods; peer-research training and co-production processes for the promotion of user perspectives.

Completed Research & Evaluation Projects

CoverPromoting civic engagement in later life through the Touchstone Programme: A resource and Research Guide. Produced on behalf of the Active Ageing Partnership.

CoverDeprivation and its Measurement in Later Life: Findings from a Mixed-methods Study in Ireland. Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, Galway. ISBN: 978-1-908358-08-0

CoverEvaluating the impact of membership of Active Retirement Ireland on the lives of older people, Dublin, Active Retirement Ireland.

CoverThe Bealtaine Festival: A celebration of older people in the arts – An Evaluation. Age & Opportunity. ISBN 978-1-900578-66-0.

For further information, contact:

  • Dr. Bernard McDonald
    Strategic Development and Evaluation Programme Lead
  • Irish Centre for Social Gerontology Institute for Lifecourse and Society NUI Galway
  • +353-87-9271107