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ICSG’s New book on Social Exclusion

Drawing on interdisciplinary, cross-national perspectives, this open access book contributes to the development of a coherent scientific discourse on social exclusion of older people. The book considers five domains of exclusion (services; economic; social relations; civic and socio-cultural; and community and spatial domains), with three [...]

ROSEnet Briefing Paper Series

We are delighted to release the ROSEnet Briefing Paper Series. The first five of these Briefs considers each of the different domains of exclusion that can occur in later life. The 6th Brief focuses on multidimensional old-age social exclusion and the ways that these different domains of exclusion can interact and impact on older people’s […]

Combatting exclusions and ageism for older people during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic poses extraordinary risks to the health of older adults and, upon contraction, has immediate consequences for individual well-being and connectivity and, potentially, for mortality outcomes. However, aside from the detrimental health impacts of the disease itself, older people can experience other damaging outcomes as a [...]